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2019 Jet Fest

September is a wonderful time of the year in the Adirondack mountains, and jumping in with the 2019 Jet Fest on Great Sacandaga Lake makes it all the better. Join with like-minded personal watercraft owners for fantastic weekend on this gorgeous sheet of water.  
September 6th-7th 2019.

New Hampshire Alert

On January 15th, 2019, the State House Resources, Recreation and Development Committee will review House Bill 324. The proposed law would restrict personal watercraft from any speed greater than “headway” within 300 feet of any mud flats or marsh land in the Hampton/Seabrook estuary, regardless of the tide level. This provision applies only personal watercraft […]

A Tale of Two Cities – How Lazy Municipal Government Impacts Personal Watercraft Access

Lowell, Massachusetts is an old school industrial town on the banks of the Merrimack River. The City Hall is an impressive soaring building – a chiseled stone commitment to civic responsibility and engagement. Laced with well-planned canals which powered the mills and factories, Lowell wouldn’t exist without the Merrimack. In 2017, a teenage passenger was […]

Shoot the Camel

Camels camels everywhere. That’s how our friends see it down under. It’s estimated that over a million humps roam the interior of Australia; a product of importation. In recent years, government paid sharpshooters in helicopters knocked off the beasts. But that was before the amazing wonders of the “carbon credit.” A carbon credit is, well, […]