New Hampshire Personal Watercraft Ban Information

Legislation pending in Concord will eliminate PWC access to your favorite New Hampshire lakes!

HB-1562 seeks to redefine all Personal Watercraft as “Ski-Craft,” thus severely restricting your access to your public waters. 

No reasoning. No science involved. No environmental impacts. Just old worn-out tropes intended to keep the public from enjoying their choice of outdoor recreation. 

Is your access affected? Click on the interactive map. Every restriction here, would now be placed on your personal watercraft. 

Map Link 

HB-1562 seeks to replace the definition of “ski craft” in state law, currently, 1- and 2-person personal watercraft, with a broader definition that encompasses the larger 3- and 4-person personal watercraft.

These are major restrictions, including a separate 300 ft. setback rule and outright bans from MANY bodies of water in New Hampshire where personal watercraft currently have access.

The first stop for HB-1562 is the House Resources, Recreation, and Development Committee.  The public hearing has not been scheduled yet but will likely be in late February or early March.

Can you do more to help in the fight? 

We are putting together a list of folks to testify at the public hearing, to stand in opposition to the bill, and to record opposition on the State House on-line portal when it is public.   We need a big crowd!!

Send us your name and contact information – we will keep you updated frequently about the fight to protect public access for PWC users in New Hampshire.   We have fought this battle many times before and won and with your help, we will do it again.

Spread the word to fellow riders, neighbors, friends, and family.

Public bodies of water are held in public trust by the State of New Hampshire for ALL to enjoy.   Speak up now before those rights are taken away.

**Check back for updates as they come in.