New Hampshire Alert

On January 15th, 2019, the State House Resources, Recreation and Development Committee will review House Bill 324. The proposed law would restrict personal watercraft from any speed greater than “headway” within 300 feet of any mud flats or marsh land in the Hampton/Seabrook estuary, regardless of the tide level.

This provision applies only personal watercraft –no other boats are to be restricted. At issue is a lack of enforcing already existing New Hampshire law which requires all boats to maintain headway speed only within 150’ of shore.

HB-324 would effectively eliminate large areas of public waters to your public access. This is discrimination plain and simple. If elected officials have an issue with riders not obeying the law, then they should enforce the law upon those individuals – not all riders. Apparently, this is too much trouble, and their answer is to restrict all personal watercraft riders. This is lazy government, and it’s plain wrong.

You may never ride the Hampton/Seabrook estuary, but your voice, standing up for equal access is essential. If it happens on these public waters, it can happen on your public waterways.

Please contact your state representative and urge them to stand for equality and fairness by opposing HB-324. Again, New Hampshire law already provides for addressing high speed operation within the majority of the estuary. This is about freedom

You can reach your state representative by going to http://www.gencourt.state.nh.usand clicking on Contact Your State Representative.Your voice is the one that counts. These people work for you. Urge them to preserve freedom by voting No on HB-324, and instead enforce existing law.

Spread the word to fellow riders. Have your family members make contact as well. Every call or e-mail counts. Again, urge your elected officials to vote no on HB-324. Stand up for freedom of access and boating equality.